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Let’s build a fort and have sex in it

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You don’t fall in love because you need to be in love.
You don’t go into a relationship lonely and looking for company.
You don’t lean on your partner, you support.
You don’t get needy, clingy, an attention-hungry baby.
You raise your partner up not drag them down.
You give without measuring, without counting.
You don’t compete, you share fairly.
You let their spirit grow, not suffocate them for your own selfish desires.
You only enter a relationship with a mature and relaxed heart.

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Life is so good once you’ve removed all the bullshit that stinks your life.
Making room for better things. Much better.
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I wish they didn’t gave me enough reason to let go.
But now I have barely any reason to stay.

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Afternoon delights.


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His kisses still compares to no one else’s.


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Anonymous asked r u dating someone?

Sino to? Heheh puros anon ngayon ko lang nabasa puros relashon XD

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I feel like I get too excited with things
And expect to enjoy once I’ve tried it, tasted it, seen it, felt it
But then once I have it I find myself losing interest almost immediately
The disappointments when you don’t get the experience you’re expecting
the confusion when you do feel the joy but find it short lived

I tried, and am still trying to find this again in me
Where is this part of me now?
Closing my eyes hoping tomorrow I’ll finally lose the want, the excitement of having you
But no.
I still find myself wanting him
And craving
The eagerness has been lessened
But his taste still lingers
Like nicotine in my gums, in my lungs
I want to unwant him
But every inch of me still trembles for his kisses
His touch, his caress, his love
He’s the only person who could make me enjoy basking in pain
Enduring the hurt for one more taste, one more second, one more kiss, one more glimpse
Still can’t get enough
Still wanting for more

As I find myself losing interest in everything else, I find myself still yearning for him.

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