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Like Robin Williams I am a survivor.
I know for a fact Robin tried to survive. I wouldn’t be able to know the specifics of his struggles in life but I know for a fact that he tried his best to find other ways, he tried his best not to feel like suicide was the only option left.
We can see this by how much he tried to make us happy, how he tried to seem happy, how he asked for help. But sometimes when the sadness starts running through your veins, a man can only endure so much. Lost souls cannot be saved, they can only be supported as they try to help themselves.
Robin Williams was one tough son of a gun for making it this far, for holding on for this long until he just got tired and had lost all other options but suicide.
It is hard, fighting off the thought every single day. Thinking of the ones you’ll be leaving behind. Robin fought hard for his family, but he’s only human, no matter how good a comedian he is.
I feel so deeply by what happened to him. I don’t want to go into details to what is happening in my life now. To my friends I’d like to say it has been a constant struggle for me for a couple of months now. Like cancer, you’d think it’s gone but it knocks you back down when you’re not ready. But I’m still trying to hold on. I’d like to thank that one person who’s been my source of deadly storms yet also the only person that’s keeping my head in check. Thank you and I love you.
But life has not been fair. It gives you something to struggle about while still struggling with another dilemma and won’t even give you enough to lay your hopes on.
Life is a fucker and the universe is one big asshole. There’s no one there who’s looking out for you to make things better, if there is there wouldn’t be so many dead innocent children, there’s only you and the good people around you.
To myself, to Robin and to everyone else out there who’s struggling day in and day out, it’s hard but remember you’re a survivor. It is easier for others, but it only shows how much stronger we are, to thrive in such deep sadness, to wait just a bit longer to see that things will get better. Fuck life back, it doesn’t have morals, or justice, it does not know fairness or mercy, but we’ll show it our fangs if that’s what it wants, tears may be rolling down our cheeks as we scream our war-cries through life, our chests may be heaving, our backs breaking, but we are survivors, and if that’s the only last thing we’re good at, then we better be the best at it.

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Let’s build a fort and have sex in it

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You don’t fall in love because you need to be in love.
You don’t go into a relationship lonely and looking for company.
You don’t lean on your partner, you support.
You don’t get needy, clingy, an attention-hungry baby.
You raise your partner up not drag them down.
You give without measuring, without counting.
You don’t compete, you share fairly.
You let their spirit grow, not suffocate them for your own selfish desires.
You only enter a relationship with a mature and relaxed heart.

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Life is so good once you’ve removed all the bullshit that stinks your life.
Making room for better things. Much better.
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I wish they didn’t gave me enough reason to let go.
But now I have barely any reason to stay.

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Afternoon delights.


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His kisses still compares to no one else’s.


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Anonymous asked r u dating someone?

Sino to? Heheh puros anon ngayon ko lang nabasa puros relashon XD

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