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I’m Ready to Live as a Pauper

Since like high school, I’ve always pictured myself as rich and wealthy. I craved for so many material things, I craved for luxury, I craved for money. Until lately.

I realized I’ve been like this for quite some time now, not just today that my future career moves are haunting me like shit. I realized that I don’t really care about material needs no more. I was actually shocked when I finally realized it.

I would still be happy if I become rich, if I earn a million a month, if I own all the coolest clothes and things. It’s not like I’m giving up on everything and would rather live as a beggar, no, it’s just that all of the things I do from now on, the way I decide, the things I believe in are more spiritual and cosmic than just wanting to be rich.

Back then the way I see the saying “Life is short” is that everyone should move as fast as they could and get every opportunity they can. Get it all while you can. But now I see that saying as always following your heart, what you believe in, doing things you want to do because life is short to waste it on technical things, to do things you don’t wanna do and sacrifice your dreams and stuff.

This is not entirely a good thing in this cruel world we currently live in. It’s a dog eat dog world and everyone thinks that the only way they could survive is if they eat their neighbors first before they get eaten. They’re probably right.

But I refuse to live in reality.

I refuse to sell my heart, my soul, my spirit so that “I wouldn’t waste my life”.

I am impractical, yes call me that. I’m a fucking dreamer. I thrive off of art and something real, something that I could feel.

I would rather work for free in a theater company than do something I don’t want to do for a million bucks. Seriously.

I am soon entering this ‘real world’/’corporate world’ realm everyone seems to try to be part of. I am cool with that. I am excited to be part of that world too. But it’s not an enough excuse to let the fire inside me fizzle to live a practical life. To ‘have a purpose’, to be ‘useful to society’.

I’ve always been in outer space, always been distant to mankind. And I think I’m not yet about to change that.

In conclusion, this is not a blog about working or jobs or employment and shit like that. This is about a blog saying that I would rather salvage my soul than sell it for an amazing house, ten cars, and all the money in the world.

PS. for Pilipinos, no, salvage means another thing. Check the dictionary



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